Q. Zombies at church? Seriously?
A. Yes! Our zombies are not undead or demonic. They are infected people with a human rabies-type virus.

Q. How old do I have to be to play?
A. Survivors must be in high school (incoming freshmen are okay). Zombies may be in high school, but we’re looking for students from the College Ministry at Saddleback Church.

Q. I’m in high school, but I don’t go to church. Can I go to this?

Q. Can I bring a friend?
A. Since the teams are preselected, your friend will need to register before the deadline and add your name as a person they’d like to be teamed with.

Q. Can I show up late and/or leave early?
A. Unfortunately, no. The event is from 9pm to 1am. For safety reasons, the campus will be locked down during this time.

Q. Last year was chaotic and nuts. What’s this year going to be like?
A. Each team has a leader, we’re having less zombies, and the missions are way less complicated. We learned a lot from last year!

Q. What kind of weapons can I bring?
A. Check our weapons list. Remember, this game is roleplaying, so you’re not beating down zombie volunteers. If you swing a foam bat and it hits someone’s arm, that’s fine. But if you’re going nuts, we’re going to put you on quarantine for the night.

Q. Can I make my own weapon?
A. Contact Parker (parker@saddleback.com) before making anything. It has to stay in the vibe of the event. So giant anime swords wont make the cut.

Q. Can I switch teams?
A. We’ll put you with your friends if they’ve also registered, but once we put you in a team, you’re locked in.

Q. What happens when I’m “scratched” by a zombie?
A. If a zombie is able to tag you, you’ll be considered infected. You and your team must still complete your mission, but you wont be able to help in any way. When you arrive back to the Refinery, you’ll have to sit on a quarantine for 5 minutes per tag/scratch. Your team can wait for you, go on a mission without you, or use a med-kit to get you out. So, if you’re scratched by three zombies in one mission, you’ll have a 15 minute quarantine. If your team uses two med-kits, it will reduce your quarantine time to 5 minutes.

Q. Where do we find med-kits?
A. Med-kits are located throughout the campus and can be found while on missions. Unused med-kits are worth points in your final score.

Q. What’s this I hear about characters?
A. Before your team goes out on campus for the first time, each survivor will be given a random character card. On each card is a character that can help you complete certain missions. For example, on the “Gather medicine” mission (see Missions) the doctor character will have a color-coded key on the back of his card that helps him quickly identify the medications. Other characters have similar advantages for specific missions. Those characters are the electrician, cartographer, marine, locksmith, and hacker.

Q. Can I volunteer in any other way besides being a zombie?
A. Yes! Just email Micah (micahs@saddleback.com) and let him know how you’d like to help!

Q. Do you need anything?
A. We do! We’re looking for as many camping tents and sleeping bags as we can get! They’ll be set up on the campus as places for students to search in for food.

Q. (Zombie question) How much gore is too much gore for a zombie?
A. If you have to ask, then it’s too much. We’re not going for gore. In fact, it’s going to be so dark that you can get by with a pale face and dark eyes. You can still be creative though!

Q. (Zombie question) What happens when I get hit by a weapon?
A. Weapons will either be foam or Nerf guns. We’ll discuss this in detail during the zombie training, but when hit, you’ll go down to the ground for about 20-30 seconds before you get back up.

Have more questions? Email Parker at parkers@saddleback.com